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Does Olympics Sixes Need Fixes?

Does Olympics Sixes Lacrosse Need Fixes?

On this week’s episode of Going Offsides, the guys celebrate the NLL television deal and give their honest opinions about Olympic Sixes lacrosse.

Does Olympics Sixes Lacrosse Need Fixes?

When the push for the Olympics was discussed, we, like the rest of the lacrosse world, were excited about the prospect of having our sport displayed on the world’s biggest stage.

But the long and short of it is, while it looks fun to play, we didn’t particularly enjoy watching it. The product lacks some of the mechanics we feel are necessary to make the game more enjoyable to watch, broadcast, and officiate.

Take a listen to the show to hear our plan. At the end of the day, we love the idea of making lacrosse more accessible and getting it into the Olympics, but we’re not going to blindly accept Sixes in its current form. With a few tweaks, the game can be even better. Let’s see what they come up with over the next few years, but it’s a solid start.

NLL Announces Massive ESPN Deal

Earlier this year, the National Lacrosse League (NLL) obtained what appeared to be the strongest television broadcast deal in the league’s history, partnering with famous Canadian programmer TSN. The only issue with the deal was that it was limited to Canadian distribution, leaving the rest of the world waiting for a viewing solution.

On Tuesday, the league announced the newest and presumably biggest deal in NLL history, securing ESPN as a distribution partner for the entire globe outside of Canada. Ten games will be broadcast on linear television (ESPN/ESPN2) while more than 150 additional contests will be available on ESPN+. With media and sponsorships accounting for more than 60 percent of the league’s revenue, I’m sure that this deal will add to the bottom line nicely, especially when you consider that the league has never had this kind of meaningful income from broadcast partners.

The question now becomes, where does the PLL, the pro lacrosse field league, hitch its cart for its new streaming deal? Unless something crazy happens, we all assume it’s NBC or ESPN.

Last Week on Going Offsides

On the previous week’s episode of Going Offsides, the guys discussed the LSU football situation and how DI football coaching contracts have gotten out of control.

Later in the show, they discussed the success of Tewaaraton Award winner and now-DII football quarterback Jared Bernhardt.

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