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football drills

Football Drills That Can Make You a Better Player

You’re new to football, or maybe you have some experience, but either way, you want to get better. Practice makes perfect, and football is no different. If you want to improve in this sport, you have to work on football drills.

So, these are a handful of drills that you can use to improve your skills and physical ability on the football field.

Football Drills That Can Make You a Better Player


It all starts with footwork. Your feet are what ground you and create all the power you need to be successful on the gridiron. Start here with footwork drills and work your way up to more football-specific drills.

Ladder Drills

Ladder drills are great, because you can do them alone and there is no limit to the types of drills you can do. The video below includes 10 speed and agility drills you can do with a ladder that are geared to help you improve as a football player.

Agility Cones

Cone drills are another excellent way to work on speed, agility, power, and balance. What makes them so great is they’re simple to set up, and you don’t even technically need cones.


Heads Up Blocking

No matter what position you play, understanding how to set a block can benefit you. Sure, quarterbacks and kickers don’t usually block, but at the youth level, we want to teach all of the sport’s skills, not just position-specific ones.

Passing and Catching

Step Back Passing

This drill is great, because it has a progression and adjustments that can be added to make things simpler or more difficult based on the talent of the individual.

Beginner Catching Drill

The drill below will help you gain hand strength, dexterity, and confidence in catching the football. It seems so simple, but that’s what makes it a great youth drill.

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