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Freddie Berry

NFL-Certified Agent Freddie Berry Talks NIL

Freddie Berry is a former stud Division III football player turned newly-minted NFL certified agent. His background as a college athlete and his skills in marketing have served him well thus far in his prospering career.

Agent Freddie Berry Talks NIL

NIL is all the rage right now. College and high school athletes across the country have scrambled to cash in on their name, image, and likeness, but there’s one big problem: most people are very unclear on what you can and cant do.

In this week’s episode, I talk with Freddie and breakdown many of the ins and outs of NIL law, how athletes can determine their value and identify opportunities, and lastly we highlight some of the misconceptions that people have about this new wave of legislation.

If you have questions or need advice about NIL, we encourage you to reach out to Freddie Berry through his website or his email: [email protected].

Last Week’s Episode

Last week, we talked about the good, the bad, and the ugly side of the transfer portal. For any player, coach, or parent who is thinking about transferring, we highly recommend the listen. We outline situations where a transfer may be the right move while also recognizing that there are plenty of reasons why staying put may be better.

New Format

We’ve appreciated all of the support through our first 100 or so episodes, but as the show has grown, so have our families and careers. We remain committed to bringing you premium content and discussing all things recruiting, coaching, and college sports.

Moving forward, our weekly episode release will become monthly. We hope that by changing the volume of episodes, we can maintain the quality that you’ve come to expect. Keep an eye out and hit subscribe so that you can catch our new monthly episodes on the second Friday of every month.

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