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Savannah Safchuck a day in the life

Savannah Safchuck: A Day in the Life

Savannah Safchuck is a Class of 2022 Towson lacrosse commit out of Mercy High School in Baltimore, and this is a day in her life.

Savannah Safchuck: A Day in the Life

It all begins at 5 a.m. for Savannah Safchuck. The morning routine includes packing clothes and food for the day, all with athletics in mind. A big container of lettuce and a slightly-smaller container of chicken salad is what she brings along with her to tackle a midday lunch.

Safchuck is a multi-sport athlete – while lacrosse is what she will play in college, she also represents Mercy in field hockey. With a huge semifinal showdown on the billing for that night, Safchuck and her teammates hype themselves for the big game.

The pregame meal is always important. Ahead of the clash, Safchuck chowed down on an amazing home-prepped dish with some rice, cucumber, ginger, and a host of other vegetables to provide her with the proper fuel for the feud.

A group of Mercy students showed up at the semifinal, chanting “RUIN THE BRUINS” with a drum included for added impact. Behind the help from their fellow classmates, Mercy clinched a spot in the final, ringing the victory bell all the way to the ultimate game.

Savannah Safchuck trains very hard to keep herself in excellent condition and to improve on her game. She has been training with Nick Farmer, owner and founder of F1 Performance, for four years, and they’ve grown together tremendously in that time.

Farmer moved to Maryland from Kentucky and didn’t know much about lacrosse until Safchuck asked that he help improve her game. He accepted that challenge, and it helped make him a better trainer.

Enjoy this eight-minute video showcasing a a day in the life of young athlete Savannah Safchuck, and especially enjoy the cameo made by her dogs, Lucy and Myla, with the latter being a brand-new addition to the family!

Spoiler alert: Lucy really enjoys sniffing the camera.

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