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Luke Miller lacrosse a day in the life

Luke Miller: A Day in the Life

Luke Miller is a sophomore student, lacrosse player, and football player at McDonogh School in Owings Mills, Maryland, and lacrosse is a big part of what he does. This is a day in the life of the Class of 2024 recruit, in his own words.

I think what helped me be prepared last season was a freshman was putting in the work in the offseason. I usually start with some wall ball – 50 on the left, 50 on the right. Then, I move to dodging and shooting, which I focus on dodging from the X and the wings. Most importantly, I focus on my angles while dodging. I definitely focus on change of direction and utilizing my speed to my advantage, too.

Usually, I shoot and dodge for about an hour. I believe an hour is the best amount of time, because it’s perfect for you to go 100 percent all the way through and not take any lazy reps. I often watch clips of college and pro lacrosse players like Matt Rambo, Grant Ament, and Jared Bernhardt. I learn different moves that they make, and then I emulate them during my sessions to get better.

The workouts are not just about physical preparation, but also mental preparation. Mentally, I really focus on imagining what will happen in the game. Being confident mentally leads to great results on the field. The mental aspect of being an athlete is heavily important to me.

Luke Miller: A Day in the Life

My school day starts early. I eat an early breakfast and get all my school stuff together, as well as my football gear for practice. I’m on the McDonogh bus at 7:30 a.m. and arrive at school a few minutes after 8 o’clock.

At school, we start in advisory. It’s with a bunch of my friends, so it starts the day right. Later on in the day, I love going to lunch – Ms. Debbie always makes sure I have a big meal! I have a maximum of four classes each day but usually have a free built-in period to work on schoolwork or just chill out. My favorite class is English, because I enjoy writing and I have a great teacher. English is also very discussion-based on certain topics, so it has a fun and interactive class structure.

Tonight, we have a home football game against St. Mary’s under the lights, and I’m very excited. The student section will bring the energy with an island theme. A lot of my Annapolis Hawks club lacrosse teammates play for St. Mary’s, so I can’t wait to go against them. I want bragging rights at lacrosse practice!

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