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We create, scale, and monetize sports media outlets and digital products backed by industry-leading support


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Our flagship media outlet Lacrosse All Stars is the authority in international lacrosse news and information with the largest online community of players, coaches, and fans.

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who we are

` Jeff Brunelle
Jeff Brunelle
Founder & CEO
` Connor Wilson
Connor WIlson
` ryan powell
Ryan Powell
Strategic Advisor
` Mark Donahue
Mark Donahue
Basketball Producer
` matt anderson
Matt Anderson
Lacrosse Digital Editor
Justin Meyer
Basketball Digital Editor
` katie conwell
Katie Conwell
Lacrosse Producer
` tim haslam
Tim Haslam
Product Developer
` cassie brunelle
Cassie Brunelle
Podcast Producer
` Ryan Conwell
Ryan Conwell
Lacrosse Analyst
Andrew Buss
Video Producer
Connor Buss
Video Producer


experts in every corner

distributed newsrooms

on-demand creators

Over 100 content creators, niche-specialized & on-call 24/7/365

dedicated editors

Digital media experts with formal training in sports journalism & english literature

diehard communities

Passionate players and coaches are incentivized to contribute coverage

global network

Brand ambassadors drive content sharing & 1:1 sales connections

fragmented markets

what we're fixing

running on empty

Content creators go un-incentivized and burn out constantly, especially in underserved sports and niche communities.

lack of guidance

Limited credible resources for educational information & low barrier to entry to label oneself as the expert.

unreliable results

Most search results are prioritized by influence, which means sometimes wrong people get the pedestal.

complicated targeting

Reaching sport-specific interest groups is no easy task for marketers, no matter level of experience.

uniting diehards daily

red label platforms

Cutting edge sport-specific media outlets powered by distributed newsrooms + sustained by maximizing the passion of players, coaches, and fans

laxallstars - lacrosse all stars

Lacrosse All Stars

Lacrosse media platform connecting the worldwide lacrosse community with authentic storytelling and news coverage by players, for players on a mission to GROW THE GAME®

Nothing But Nylon

Nothing But Nylon

Basketball MVP uniting the global hoops community through live streaming, podcasts and breaking news coverage by players, for players who RESPECT THE NET®

next sport tbd

Our Next Sport

We’re on the lookout for the best and brightest men and women in sports journalism to join our growing team. Contact us today if you’re interested in chasing your dream!

Our scalable business models propel growth by paving the way for fragmented niche communities to come together online

grassroots touchpoints
exclusive videos released
search optimized articles
viewers per livestream
alert subscribers
users per month
social media followers
youtube views

inspiring the next generation

growing the game®

Connor Wilson

We’re on a mission to grow the game – any game – across the world by leveraging our team’s unparalleled expertise in digital media and growth marketing.

Jeff Brunelle

Everything Red Label Sports does helps lower the barrier to entry. Together, we can unify any underserved market, elevate its worldwide presence, and grow the bottom line for everyone involved.

matt anderson

We partner with the best companies in sports to build the most recognizable, inspiring and consumer-friendly niche-specific media outlets. Lacrosse All Stars is a prime example.

dedicated niche ecosystems

how it works

  • 1.
    attract interest
    • We give diehard players, coaches, and fans a way to follow & learn from sport on a deeper level.
  • 2.
    recruit members
    • We provide a warm welcome, identifying each new member individually & determining how to best serve them.
  • 3.
    empower action
    • We deliver the right opportunities at the optimal times based on each member's age, location & experience level.
  • 4.
    maximize potential
    • We derive value from each action a customer takes to leverage membership status throughout the consumer lifecycle.
  • 5.
    guaranteed results
    • We measure absolutely everything on our platforms to effectively deliver return on investment (ROI) or advertising spend (ROAS) to our industry-leading partners.

the road ahead

next five years

Launch and grow a basketball media brand that matches feet with Lacrosse All Stars.
Integrate real-time statistics and localized video reporting in lacrosse & basketball.
Launch and grow three new sports media brands that complement our experience.
Elevate all five sports media outlets to be the news authorities in their respective sports.
Maximize the return on each sports media outlet while seeding for future growth.

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